全球10位顶级名厨_神奇世界 (中英双语阅读)

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Being a chef is nothing less than being a business tycoon these days. Many chefs, around the globe, today are among the richest persons in the world. They combine their skills and knowledge towards making some of the greatest dishes that we crave for. Lets take a look into the 10 best celebrity chefs around the globe.


10 Best Celebrity Chefs in the World Today:


10. Bobby Flay


Best Celebrity Chefs Bobby Flay
50 year old Americancelebrity chef,restaurateurand reality television personality Bobby Flay a Culinary Hall of Fame inductee, and among his many awards are French Culinary InstituteOutstanding Graduate Award, James Beard Foundations Rising Star Chef of the Year and New York MagazineGael Greenes Restaurant of the Year Mesa Grill. His earning for 2012 was estimated at 9 million dollars. His famous restaurants include Bar Americain, Bobbys Burger Palace, Bobby Flay Steak, etc.


9. Nobu Matsuhisa

Nobu Matsuhisa

Best Celebrity Chefs Nobuyuki Matsuhisa
Known for blending traditional Japanese dishes with South American (Peruvian) ingredients, 65 year old chef Nobu Matsuhisa is the owner of some of the top class restaurants in the world including NobuLos Angeles, Nobu Next Door, Nobu Fifty-Seven, Masuhisa Athens, Nobu Perth, Nobu Mexico City ,etc. His signature dish isblack codinmiso. 10 Amazing Alive Foods in the World.

65岁的厨师Nobu Matsuhisa是世界顶级餐厅的老板,他的名字叫Nobu Los Angeles,Nobu,Nobu 57, Masuhisa Athens, Nobu Perth, Nobu Mexico City等。他的招牌菜是味噌里的黑鳕鱼。在世界上令人惊奇的食物。

8. Tom Colicchio


Best Celebrity Chefs
52 year old American celebrity chef Tom Colicchio, who gained worldwide recognition when he became the recipient of fiveJames Beard Foundation Medals. He came to be known by the public through the TV series Top Chef. He has been the head judge for all its seasons. He has so far released four cookery books Think Like a Chef, Craft of Cooking: Notes and Recipes from a Restaurant Kitchen, Wichcraft: Craft a sandwich into a mealand a meal into a sandwich and Top Chef: The Cookbook. He also is the proud owner of restaurants like Craft, Craftbar, Craftsteak, Riverpark, Topping Rose House, etc.. 10 Amazingly Beautiful Meals.

52岁的美国名厨汤姆科利奇奥(Tom Colicchio)成为五枚詹姆斯比尔德基金会(James Beard Foundation)的五枚金牌得主,获得了全世界的认可。他通过电视连续剧《顶级大厨》(Top Chef)来为公众所熟知。他是所有季节的首席法官。到目前为止,他已经出版了四本烹饪书像厨师一样思考,烹饪的手艺:从餐厅厨房里的笔记和食谱,Wichcraft:把一个三明治做成一个三明治,一顿饭做成三明治和顶级厨师:烹饪书。他还自豪地拥有像工艺品、工艺品、工艺牛排、河流公园、一流的玫瑰花园等餐厅。美味佳肴。

7. Alain Ducasse


Best Celebrity Chefs Alain Ducasse
58 year old Mongasquechef Alain Ducasse is the first chef to own restaurants carrying threeMichelin Starsin three cities. This feat has been achieved by his restaurant, Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester. Besides, he is only one of two chefs in the world to hold 21 Michelin stars throughout his career. His earning for the year 2008 and 2012 has been identified at 5 million dollars and 12 million dollars. Some of his famous restaurants are La Cour Jardin, Le Grill, Le Jules Verne, 59 Poincar, La Trattoria, Tamaris, Rivea, Spoon and Trattoria ToscanaLAndana, among many others. He has been featured as a special guest in the US and Italian versions ofMasterChef. 10 Most Disgusting Delicacies.

58岁的摩纳哥大厨阿兰杜卡斯(Alain Ducasse)是第一个在三个城市拥有米其林三星餐厅的厨师。这一壮举是由他的餐馆多尔切斯特的阿兰杜卡斯(Alain Ducasse)完成的。此外,在他的职业生涯中,他是世界上拥有21颗米其林星的两位大厨之一。他在2008年和2012年的收入分别为500万美元和1200万美元。他的一些著名的餐厅有La Cour Jardin, Le Grill, Le Jules Verne, 59 Poincare, La Trattoria, Tamaris, Rivea, Spoon和Trattoria Toscana LAndana,等等。在美国和意大利版本的《厨艺大师》中,他都是特别嘉宾。最恶心的美食。

6. Todd English


Best Celebrity Chefs Todd English
54 year old American celebrity chef Todd English is the owner of the famous restaurant Olives, which was opened in 1989. He is also a restaurateur, author, and television personality.He is the host of the TV show Food Trip with Todd English. Some of his other restaurants are Figs, Da Campo Osteria, Todd English Food Hall, BlueZoo, PlazaFood Hall, Ember Room, Bonfire, Beso, Kingfire, etc. According to Forbes, his earning for the year 2012 has been 11 million dollars.


5. Rachael Ray


Best Celebrity Chefs Rachael Ray
46 year old American television personality, businesswoman, celebrity chefand author Rachael Ray was the highest earning chef in the year 2008 with an earning of 18 million dollars. In 2012, she placed second in Forbes list if richest chefs, with an earning of 25 million dollars. She expertise in making dishes that require 30 minutes or less. She has penned many cookbooks throughout her life such as 30 Minute Meals, Comfort Foods, Rachael Rays Open House Cookbook, $40 a Day: Best Eats in Town, The Book of Burger My Year in Meals, Yum-O! The Family Cookbook, Rachael Ray 365: No Repeats: A Year of Deliciously Different Dinners, etc. In 2012, she won the Peoples Choice Award for Favorite TV Chef.

46岁的美国电视名人、女商人、名厨、作家雷切尔雷是2008年收入最高的厨师,年收入1800万美元。2012年,她以2500万美元的收入位居《福布斯》富豪榜第二名。她擅长制作30分钟或更短的菜肴。她一生写了很多烹饪书,比如30分钟的餐食,舒适的食物,蕾切尔雷的《打开的家庭食谱》,每天40美元:最好在城里吃,汉堡的书是我在吃饭的一年,嗯!《家庭烹饪书》,蕾切尔雷365:没有重复:一年的美味不同的晚餐,等等。2012年,她获得了人民选择奖(Peoples Choice Award for Favorite TV Chef)。

4. Wolfgang Puck


Best Celebrity Chefs Wolfgang Puck
65 year old Austrian born American celebrity chef,restaurateur, and occasional actor Wolfgang Puck is one of the busiest and most sought after chefs in the business. In 2013, Puck was inducted into theCulinary Hall of Fame. His restaurants including Spago Beverly Hills and CUT Beverly Hills have wonMichelin stars. His books include Modern French Cooking for the American Kitchen, Wolfgang Puck Makes it Easy, Adventures in the Kitchen with Wolfgang Puck, etc. His famous restaurants include Postrio, Wolfgang Puck Bar and Grill Summerlin, Springs Preserve Caf, The Source Trattoria del Lupo, WP24 by Wolfgang Puck, etc..

65岁的奥地利裔美国名厨、餐馆老板和偶尔的演员沃尔夫冈帕克是最忙碌、最受欢迎的厨师之一。2013年,帕克被列入烹饪名人堂。他的餐厅包括贝弗利山(Spago Beverly Hills)和贝弗利山(Beverly Hills),都赢得了米其林星级。他的书包括美国厨房的现代法式烹饪,沃尔夫冈帕克(Wolfgang Puck),他在厨房里和沃尔夫冈帕克(Wolfgang Puck)等人做的很简单。他的著名餐厅包括:波斯特里奥(Postrio)、沃尔夫冈帕克(Wolfgang Puck Bar)和烧烤夏日餐厅(Grill)、斯普林斯(Springs)保护咖啡馆(Springs Preserve Cafe)、来自沃尔夫冈帕克(Wolfgang Puck)的《WP24》(WP24)等。

3. Gordon Ramsay


Best Celebrity Chefs Gordon Ramsay
If there is one chef who is looks and only looks for perfection in his work, it is none other than Gordon Ramsay. The 48 year old Scottish bornBritish chef and restaurateur, who became the third person in the world to win three Catey Awards, has sp far written 21 books including Gordon Ramsays Passion For Flavour, Gordon Ramsays Healthy Appetite, Gordon Ramsays Great Escape: 100 of my favourite Indian recipes, Gordon Ramsays Sunday Lunch and other recipes from the F word, etc. He also has been part of various reality TV shows including Hells Kitchen,The F Word, andRamsays Kitchen Nightmares,MasterChef,MasterChef JuniorandHotel Hell, where is known to evoke fear in contestants. With an earning of 38 million dollars, he was the richest chef in the world in 2012.

如果有一位厨师长相不错,而且只在工作中追求完美,那正是戈登拉姆齐(Gordon Ramsay)。48岁的苏格兰出生的英国厨师和餐馆老板,谁成为了世界上第三人赢得三个Catey奖项,sp远写21书包括戈登拉姆齐对味道的热情,戈登拉姆齐是健康的食欲,戈登拉姆齐的大逃亡:100年我最喜欢的印度食谱,戈登拉姆齐的周日午餐和其他从F字食谱,等等。他还一直是各种电视真人秀的一部分包括地狱厨房,F词,和拉姆塞的厨房噩梦,厨神,厨神初级和酒店的地狱,唤起恐惧参赛者。With an earning of 38 million dollars, he was the richest chef in the world in 2012.

2. Paula Deen


Best Celebrity Chefs Paula Deen
67 year old Americancelebrity chefandcooking showtelevision host Paula Deen is one of the top players in the culinary world. She has penned many coking books including The Lady Sons Savannah Country CookingandThe Lady Sons Savannah Country Cooking 2, both of which specialises in traditional southern American dishes. Her famous restaurants include The Lady Sons restaurant, Uncle Bubbas Oyster House and Owen Shephards Finest. 10 Bizarre Foods That People Usually Eat.

67岁的美国名厨兼烹饪节目主持人宝拉迪恩是烹饪界的顶尖选手之一。她曾写过很多书,包括《女人与儿子》(The Lady Sons)、《萨凡纳(Savannah)》(The Lady Sons)和《女人与儿子》(Lady Sons)的《乡村烹饪2》(Lady Sons),这两本书都专门介绍传统的南美菜肴。她的著名餐厅包括夫人与儿子餐厅、布巴舅舅的牡蛎屋和欧文谢弗德的佳作。是人们常吃的奇异食物。

1. Mario Batali


Mario Batali Best Celebrity Chefs
54 year old Americanchef, writer, restaurateur and media personality Mario Batali, who specialises in Italian cuisines, is one of the world class chefs that we have today. He is a Culinary Hall of Fame inductee, Michelin Guide Star winner, winner of Best Chef: New York City from the James Beard Foundation, among others. His famous restaurants include Babbo Ristorante e Enoteca, Lupa Osteria Romana, Italian Wine Merchant, Esca, Otto Enoteca Pizzeria, Casa Mono, Bar Jamon, Del Posto, etc. He earned 3 million dollars and 13 million dollars in 2008 and 2012 respectively.

54岁的美国厨师、作家、餐厅老板和媒体人物马里奥巴塔利(Mario Batali)是意大利美食的专家,他是当今世界一流的厨师之一。他是一个烹饪名人堂,米其林指南明星得主,最佳厨师:纽约市的获胜者,包括詹姆斯比尔德基金会。他的著名餐厅包括Babbo Ristorante e Enoteca, Lupa Osteria Romana,意大利酒商,Esca, Otto Enoteca Pizzeria, Casa Mono, Bar Jamon, Del Posto等,分别在2008年和2012年分别获得了300万美元和1300万美元的收入。

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